a little about us

IMG_1504The cafe seed was planted on a slow, rainy season when 2 dive instructors had fallen in love with the Island and wanted to make this a permanent home. The idea was to create a place where you could chillax with friends, a home away from home, whilst still allowing them to blow bubbles.
Brett, who was born and raised in Hong Kong, where he had an idyllic childhood spent sampling rice bowls.  After studying in New England and some time spent in Boston, he knew the life of a cubicle and one trudging to work through the snow was not for him.  Traveling through Central America, he knew he had found his new home when he back rolled off the boat in Utila.  Giving himself two years to tie up loose ends, he moved down here at the beginning of 2009.  With the dream of an easy beach(bum) lifestyle, the lure of diving was too strong and before he knew it by the end of the year he had signed off his first open water student.
Verity hailing from Australia brings with her an extreme love of caffeine and anything fresh. Her passion for coffee first developed in late night study sessions and was refined whilst working long hours under the bright lights of a cubicle.  Deciding to take a break from this life in 2009, she planned a trip that would change her life.  Traveling through South America before working in Canada for 6 months, she then found herself and 2 friends driving a beat-up van from Canmore, south of the border through Mexico to Roatan.  After deciding to stay for only 3 weeks, she found herself still here at the end of 2010 teaching her first open water and making eyes at the cute co-worker on the boat next to her.

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